What is a JRSO?

A JRSO is a Year 5 or 6 pupil who is chosen by their school to promote road safety awareness in their school to all pupils, parents and staff.

undefinedThey will work with the support of a school staff helper and a member of Via East Midland's Road Safety Team. Via East Midlands, now deliver road safety education services on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.

What does a JRSO do?

  • displays road safety messages on their road safety notice board 
  • runs road safety competitions among pupils in their school
  • takes part in assemblies using their chosen road safety themes
  • organises road safety activities that help to get their messages across  
  • plans road safety activities that reinforce road safety messages appropriate for the time of year eg
    • dark nights  - be safe be seen
    • lighter evenings - playing out safely.

How does a school take part in the JRSO scheme?

Head teachers or teachers can register their school’s interest and get more information by contacting Via East Midland's road safety team at:

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