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Document Description Type
Be Safe Be Seen

A presentation that shows pedestrians and cyclists how to be seen when out on the roads, particularly at night and on dull days.


Green Cross Code Presentation

A presentation that shows us how to safely cross the road.

JRSO presentations

In car safety

A look at distractions that can happen inside the car, that may stop the driver from concentrating on the road.

JRSO Presentation

Helper guide

Copy of the JRSO helper guide.

Helper info and curriculum links

Road safety education - links to the curriculum

How road safety links to the curriculum and what should be covered at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Helper info and curriculum links

About the JRSO scheme

Information about the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme, including how to recruit JRSOs and what the role entails.

Helpful information

JRSO Certificate

A blank certificate that JRSOs can use for competitions and events in school.

Helpful information

JRSO Guide - How to "Give a Presentation"

How to give a presentation

Helpful information

JRSO Guide - How to "Keep a Notice Board"

How to keep a noticeboard

Helpful information

JRSO Guide - What to Say to Teachers

What to say to teachers

Helpful information

JRSO report

A blank Junior Road Safety Officer's report to list activities completed and activities planned for the following term.

Helpful information

Road safety winner's certificate

A certificate for JRSOs to print out to present to a pupil who's won a road safety competition.

Helpful information

Colour in grid

Colour in a number of squares and reveal an important road safety message


Cross sticks wordsearch

Test your knowledge by answering 8 questions and reveal a hidden word.


Crossing words

Pit your wits against your pals with this multi-player word puzzle, to help you remember the Green Cross Code


Cycling Jig-Word Puzzle

A word puzzle using lots of cycling words.  


Green Cross Code activity sheet

An activity sheet to print out about the Green Cross Code.


In Car Distractions Word Search

A fun word search for JRSOs to give out to help with the In Car Safety Theme.


In Car Safety - A Fill-In Tale

Add some key words to create your own tale of a day out in the car, whilst receiving some sensible safety advice.


Paying attention wordsearch

A fun word search with a hidden message, for JRSOs to give out


Pedestrian factsheet

Information for JRSOs about pedestrians - including some random facts!

Also includes a few ideas on how to promote pedestrian safety around school


Pedstrian safety sudoku

A gentle picture version of the popular puzzle.

Can you spot the connection?


Perfect pedestrians

A fun worksheet that can be printed out, copied and handed out for a homework acitivity, a wet break activity, or just something fun to keep everyone amused over half term!


Puzzle page

A printable puzzle page about road safety.


Road safety pairs

A two player variation of the popular card game "pairs".  Match up the pictures and phrases on the cards and complete the important road safety messages. Can you get more pairs than your opponent?


Road sign sudoku

Think you know your signs?  Good at sudoku - then try our tough picture version of this popular puzzle.


Safer cycling sudoku

Test your knowledge of cycle safety checks by completing this sudoku picture puzzle.


Safer cycling word puzzle

A fun coded word puzzle for JRSOs to give out.  Work out the number pattern to reveal the letters then solve the word puzzle.


Safer play puzzle

A fun puzzle with a safer play message which JRSOs can give out.


Safer play wordsearch

Can you and your friends find the answers in the word grid to complete the sentences?


Safety first

An activity sheet to print out about road safety with picture puzzles to solve


Walk to School - A Fill-In Tale

Add some key words to out tale and create a very unusual journey to school, with an important safety message.