West Bridgford on-street parking review

The consultation closed on: Monday 22 January 2024
Next steps and decisions will be published here as soon as they are available. There is a video update below.

Update - 06 February 2024

Latest information on the review at Consult Nottinghamshire

What the review was about...

  • Have you faced problems finding parking in West Bridgford?
  • We’re interested in hearing from residents, workers, or frequent visitors to the town
  • Are there any changes to on-street parking that could make your experience better?

Look at the maps of the areas we suggested could be changed [PDF]
Download a copy of the survey as a booklet [PDF]

There are several reports and studies linked to this page that have led us to ask for public opinion on making improvements to parking in West Bridgford. There are maps which show areas where parking could be improved.

You can also click on the questions below to look through our FAQs

We know from studies that there are limited spaces for visitors to the centre and we want to ensure that we have the right mix of parking opportunities to meet all needs.

To help us get this right, the views of the public who frequent West Bridgford are essential.

Around West Bridgford centre there is a mix of parking opportunities with three off-street car parks as well as various short-stay spaces on-street and a number of areas that have no restriction on.

We want to understand how these spaces are used and why. With that information, we can consider a new layout that will increase the number of parking 'slots' available, particularly for those shopping in the town.

This ensures the long-term vitality of the town.

We are suggesting streets that are within a short walk of the centre that would be a good starting point for considering changes, but we are also keen to hear about other issues on different streets.

This is about repurposing the areas already available, to make them more efficient.

In some areas, there are no restrictions at all, and cars can park freely all day very close to the centre.

This is unusual in a town that not only attracts visitors from miles around to shop but also is the location for major sporting stadiums.

There are also some areas of residents parking that seem underused, but we will listen carefully to comments back from residents in those areas.

Many shoppers only need to stay for less than an hour and to encourage those that arrive by car it is important that they can quickly and easily find a space.

This helps boost local trade and support the town centre as well as reducing congestion as fewer cars are circling, looking for spaces. 

Charging is used in many similar town centres, and it does result in a much higher turnover of spaces so it is maybe something we could consider.

However, at this stage, we want to hear from the users about the issues they experience. This will help us propose the best solution.

West Bridgford is highly accessible by public transport.

Over 1300 buses a day travel along Bridgford Road, Loughborough Road, or Radcliffe Road with 12 different services operating over 16 hours a day.

If we can reduce congestion caused by cars circling looking for spaces, this will also help the buses operate more efficiently.

In addition, those who choose to walk or cycle will benefit from better air quality and fewer moving vehicles.

West Bridgford is a thriving local town centre that attracts visitors from many miles around because of its unique retail experience and unrivalled sporting events.

Previous studies have identified that parking availability is one of the most important issues that people raise. This proposal therefore aims to address that and further support the development of the centre.

Any money generated from parking charges would go back into the services to fund the associated costs which include the maintenance of parking signs and lines, the cost of enforcement, and the management of the parking services.

Any surplus could be put aside for local improvements.

We are asking the public what they think about this in the questionnaire.

Following analysis of any comments received during the consultation period, the next step will be to review the feedback.

The council will very carefully consider all views provided as it is important to understand how these suggestions could impact upon the local community.

If changes are then proposed, the county council will formally advertise the proposals as part of the traffic order process and again we would welcome all comments received at this stage.

Any objection received at this stage would have to be considered by the elected members

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