Problems with lorries

  • do you have a problem with heavy lorries using unsuitable roads?
  • are lorries using the roads through your area or village as a short cut?
  • are they travelling too fast or making a noise when empty?

You can help us by identifying where and when the problem occurs so we can assess it.

Report misuse now

The problem must be really serious, not just a nuisance.

It is unlikely that a lorry count of less than 30 per day (7am to 6pm) would be put on the countywide list for further investigation.

When a problem is reported it will be assessed and ranked in priority order. Priority depends on:

  • the number of lorries using the road compared to local traffic volume
  • whether the lorries cause accidents and travel too fast
  • the nature of the road and the extent of development next to the road (particularly if there are schools or health centres). 

Lorry watch

Lorry watch is a scheme operated using local people to detect the misuse of weight restricted routes by heavy goods vehicles in Nottinghamshire.

Read more information about Lorry Watch.

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