Bridges with restrictions

Weight restrictions

The permitted weight of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) allowed on the roads is

  • 40 tonnes on 5 axles
  • 44 tonnes on 6 axles.

Bridges failing to meet the 40/44 tonnes standard normally have a temporary weight restriction imposed until they are strengthened or replaced. The weight restriction depends on the assessed capacity of the bridge. Sometimes, if there are suitable alternative routes or there are other traffic reasons, permanent weight restrictions are made.

There are just 12 temporary and permanent weight restrictions on the county roads. Four of these are on bridges over the Chesterfield Canal belonging to Canal and River Trust and the rest are on county bridges on minor roads. 

Height restrictions

Standard height clearance over roads is 5.03m (16'6"). Bridges with road clearance below this height have signs attached warning road users of the safe clearance.

There is no statutory limit governing the overall height of a load on the roads but wherever possible it should not exceed 4.93m (16'3") in order to make maximum use of the main road network. 


There are 14 public weighbridges in Nottinghamshire where you can check the weight of vehicles or livestock up to three tonnes.

View weighbridge locations and contact details [PDF].

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