Apply for a licence to erect scaffolding, hoarding and advertising boards

If you want to erect and maintain scaffolding, hoarding or other structures on or over a road you need to obtain a licence. You will need a separate licence for each location.

Apply for a scaffolding or hoarding licence

To apply for a licence complete the application form above and return to:

Highway Authorisations Team
Trent Bridge House
Fox Road
West Bridgford

Or email it to:

To complete the application form you must state where, when and what type of scaffolding/hoarding you wish to erect. We require ten working days from receipt of application for processing.

You must also:

  • declare that you have received and will conform to the Nottinghamshire County Council Standard Conditions (these are included in the application form)
  • provide evidence that you hold Public Liability Insurance with a limit of no less than £5,000,000 and state the Indemnity to the Principal Clause
  • declare that the utilities have been consulted and agree to the proposals
  • declare that you understand that the responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 is that of the Licensee and his/her contractor and not of the Highway Authority or its Agent.


For costs associated with obtaining a Licence, please contact us on 0300 500 8080 and ask to speak to the Highways Authorisations Team. 

Further information

More information about advertising boards and displays of goods on the highway [PDF]

Apply for an advertising board licence

You can apply for an advertising board licence by contacting:

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