Book an appointment to view the definitive map and statement

You can use the form below to book a free appointment to view the definitive map and statement, free of charge. This is so we can make sure a member of staff will be available when you visit our office:

Countryside Access Team
County Hall
Loughborough Road
West Bridgford

The office is open to visits from Monday to Friday, during office hours. We are unable to accommodate visits on weekends.

You will need

This form requires you to provide accurate location details of the search so that we can ensure the correct map(s) and supporting documents are prepared for your visit.

If the search relates to a property a full postal address is required or if you don't have an address you will need to provide as much of the below information as you are able to:

  • District
  • Town
  • Street
  • Nearby permanent landmarks
Make an appointment

Alternative ways to do this

Request a written document for £10

If you would like us to provide advice on the location of a right of way (for example if you are buying a property) you can request a land search. This can be a direct request to our Countryside Access team or it can be made via your solicitor.

To carry out a search we need:

  • a plan or map with the area to be searched clearly marked
  • the address of the area to be searched, if applicable
  • a description to indicate the area in which they are interested in searching
  • their contact details (name, telephone or email, postal address).
  • a cheque/postal order for £10 made out to Nottinghamshire County Council

The request can be submitted to: or the office address above.

We aim to respond to all search requests within seven working days.

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