Definitive Map and Statement

As the surveying authority, we keep an up to date Definitive Map and Statement, which is a legal record of all of known public rights of way in Nottinghamshire. 

What the Definitive Map shows

The location of all the recorded rights of way in the county on an Ordnance Survey base map of the area. The Definitive Statement accompanies the map and provides a description of each route, in particular the start and finish point and general direction. It may also include details of the surface, the width and additional information.

This can be used to find all the legally recorded rights of way in your area. It is also used by our officers to check locations of rights of way for planning applications.

Viewing the Definitive Map

The Definitive Map is available for inspection by appointment during office hours; consisting of archived historic documents, please allow 5 working days to arrange access. Please e-mail to make an appointment. Please provide as much information as possible to enable us to assist you.

Viewing a reference map

This provides a guide of the public rights of way in Nottinghamshire but it is not a legal record. If in doubt, please contact us.

For recreational maps we recommend the Ordnance Survey Landranger or Explorer series, available from Ordnance Survey, in bookshops and for reference in County Libraries. See which explorer maps cover different parts of Nottinghamshire:

Making changes to the Definitive Map and Statement

You can apply to add, change or remove a right of way through a Public Path Order or a Modification Order. 

You can also view all outstanding claims for alterations to the map and statement. Each claim is handled by one of our officers, if you have any questions about a claim you can contact them directly.

Contact us

If you have any questions about public rights of way please contact us.

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