Cycling strategy

The Nottinghamshire Local Transport Plan (LTP) sets out the County Council’s overarching transport strategy for Nottinghamshire and is supported by a number of more in-depth strategies detailing how the LTP will be delivered.

The County Council has therefore developed the Cycling Strategy Delivery Plan to complement the LTP in the delivery of both local and national objectives.  The Delivery Plan is a long-term strategy and sets out how the County Council, working with a number of local and national partners and stakeholders, aim to make cycling improvements that will deliver the LTP’s goals and objectives; particularly those relating to improving the economy – access to jobs, reducing the impacts of congestion on the economy, and improving the visitor economy. The Strategy Delivery Plan will:

  • help focus resources and future cycling investment on improvements that will deliver the LTP’s goals and objectives, particularly those relating to the economy and health
  • help ensure that the County Council achieves value for money in its investment in cycling improvements
  • assist the County Council in maximising external funding opportunities to help deliver the ambitions of this strategy.

The County Council has taken a number of factors into consideration when developing the Plan and the actions detailed within it, such as:

  • evidence of need in the county gathered through a variety of means (such as information collected by the County Council including that from interest groups, the public, neighbouring authorities etc.)
  • the results of surveys undertaken as part of the development of the LTP, the annual National Highways & Transport Survey, as well as other consultation exercises
  • national, regional and local best practice
  • Nottinghamshire County Council’s strategies, such as those relating to the economy, transport and health
  • D2N2 economic strategy
  • future funding opportunities and the possibility to lever in external funding for cycling improvements in the county.

The development of the Delivery Plan has also considered neighbouring transport authorities’ cycling strategies and plans to help ensure a consistent service across administrative boundaries for the public.

The Cycling Strategy Delivery Plan was finalised following consultation on the document carried out during September and October 2015.  It sets out the County Council’s long-term vision for cycling as well as how the County Council will work with partners, stakeholders and the public to:

  • encourage more people to cycle, more often, through raising the awareness of cycling; improving safety for cyclists; the provision of infrastructure; promoting cycling, and training programmes for all road users
  • develop and deliver a prioritised high quality, joined up, safe, well connected cycle network in each of our towns linking neighbourhoods to jobs and other essential services; as well as links to wider cycling networks
  • develop and deliver leisure/tourist cycle networks to help enhance the visitor economy and encourage healthy leisure activities
  • improve the integration of cycling with other transport modes on the highway network through cycle proofing new infrastructure schemes; better integration of cycling with longer distance passenger transport modes; and the maintenance of cycling and other highway
  • assets.

The Strategy Delivery Plan includes a number of actions to be delivered by the County Council, working with partners, to increase cycling in the county. A cycling action plan has therefore been developed detailing many of these key actions which include:

  • measures aimed directly at road users such as education and training for cyclists, pedestrians and motorised vehicle users with a particular focus on road safety; and the promotion of the benefits of cycling and walking
  • measures to maintain, manage and develop the cycle network such as on-road and off-road routes for commuter and leisure trips; speed management measures; sympathetic design of new and improved facilities; and a door-to-door approach taking account of cycle parking and interchange with other modes of travel
  • ways of working to increase support for the Delivery Plan including partnership working with a range of local and national stakeholders and interest groups; political leadership; links to, and support for, other programmes of work (particularly health and the economy); and clear performance indicators to monitor cycling programmes and improvements.

You can download the complete Nottinghamshire Cycling Strategy Delivery Plan. Alternatively you can download:

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