Current consultations

Minerals Local Plan

Draft Minerals Local Plan consultation

Public consultation on the second stage of the new Minerals Local Plan known as the Draft Minerals Local Plan closed on 28 September 2018. Feedback from the consultation period is now being analysed and will inform the ongoing development of the minerals plan.

Waste Local Plan

There are no consultations currently taking place on the Waste Local Plan.

The next stage of consultation will be on the Preferred Approach for Part 2: Sites and Policies.

Online consultation system

The County Council is encouraging responses to be made via our online consultation system. Comments submitted by email or letter will still be accepted subject to a name and email or address being provided. You can use the system to view your own comments and all the comments made once the consultation period has finished.


Nottinghamshire County Council's Planning Policy Service is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring all personal information is kept confidential and safe.

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