Current consultations

Minerals Local Plan

There are no consultations currently taking place on the Minerals Local Plan, which as of 7 February has been submitted to Secretary of State for the Examination Hearing.

Waste Local Plan

Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council are preparing a new joint Waste Local Plan to provide the planning policy framework against which all proposals for new waste development will be assessed. The first stage in this process is consulting on an Issues and Options Document, which seeks to gain views from all sections of the Nottinghamshire and Nottingham communities on how any new waste facilities will be developed in the future. 

The consultation is also accompanied by a ‘Call for Sites’ to give an opportunity for agents, landowners and developers to submit land which they believe could be developed to meet future demand for waste management facilities. This will help to ensure that there is sufficient land available to meet our waste needs during the Plan period.

Consultation on the New Waste Local Plan Issues and Options Document and Call for Sites will run from 27 February until 7 May 2020.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak both Councils have agreed to extend the consultation deadline (that was previously 9 April 2020), allowing additional time for consultation responses. We are extending the consultation deadline for a period 4 of weeks, until the 7 May 2020.

Online consultation system

The County Council is encouraging responses to be made via our online consultation system. Comments submitted by email or letter will still be accepted subject to a name and email or address being provided. You can use the system to view your own comments and all the comments made once the consultation period has finished.


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