Work experience

How work experience can help you

As a large employer for the public sector Nottinghamshire County Council offers short term, unpaid, work experience opportunities in support of its aspiration to be an exemplar of good employment practice through encouraging people back into the workplace. The Council are committed to engaging young people to consider the career options available to them in local government and the wider public sector.

Applications will be considered if you are a resident of Nottinghamshire County or Nottingham City.

Please be aware that work experience opportunities are based in the County.

Benefits of work experience

There are many benefits of work experience, including the chance to: 

  • get practical experience in the job you are interested in and raise your awareness of current developments in the work area
  • build on your skills, knowledge and confidence and gain useful contacts
  • explore career options and make a positive career choice
  • improve your job opportunities. Having experience of work will make you a more interesting prospect to employers and give you something to talk about on job applications and your CV.

What we can offer you

By undertaking a work experience placement with the Council, we can offer you:

  • a chance to see first-hand what happens in a typical day on the job
  • the opportunity to gain excellent knowledge and insight into a large public sector organisation
  • an opportunity to meet different people in your chosen career area, ask questions and understand more about their industry
  • encouragement and support
  • a safe and secure placement where you will be treated fairly and with respect
  • placements across the Council in different work areas across the county

Who are placements for?

  • Children in Statutory education (Year 10+)
  • Post 16 students
  • undergraduates
  • job seekers
  • others

NB: Excluding requests from external agencies

To be eligible you must be a Nottinghamshire County or Nottingham City Council resident.

Apply for work experience

We will try our best to provide a placement but it is not always possible so please ensure you also apply elsewhere.

For example, if you are a City resident you can apply online.

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