Voluntary redundancy

The Council remains committed to fulfilling its legal obligations to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies through a number of ways including seeking expressions of interest in voluntary redundancy.

In order to register an interest in voluntary redundancy you will need to complete an Expression of Interest in Voluntary Redundancy Form.

Important things to note

  • An expression of interest is not binding on either yourself or the Council
  • There has to be a genuine redundancy for a voluntary redundancy to be considered given that the manager will not be able to recruit into the post for a minimum period of 2 years if the post is considered redundant
  • Expressing an interest does not commit you to accept voluntary redundancy, nor does it commit the Council to agree any individual voluntary redundancy request
  • The Council may not wish to grant voluntary redundancy to everyone who expresses an interest. Expressions of interest will be considered against the Council’s business needs and the identification of a specific redundancy situation
  • You should not enter into any financial commitments as a result of expressing an interest in voluntary redundancy
  • At the present time, expressions of interest in voluntary redundancy will not be considered from employees of the Childrens’ Social Care Division of the CFCS Department, unless their post is on the S188 and they have discussed their interest with their Team Manager.

If you are interested in taking voluntary redundancy, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Calculate your own redundancy payment estimate and, if you are over 55, details of the total value of your LGPS pension benefits as at 31 March 2016 can be found on your Annual Benefit Statement

If you have not received your Annual Benefit Statement please call the Pension Helpline on 0115 977 2727 option 3 then option 0.

Please note:

The redundancy estimate reckoner table is provided for illustrative purposes only and results do not constitute a promise or guarantee of the redundancy payment you will receive. 

You should not enter into any financial arrangements based on this information without receiving official confirmation from the County Council that you will be made redundant, and, if you are over 55 and paying into the Local Government Pension Scheme, receiving written confirmation from the Pensions Office about your pension entitlement.

If you have either a car loan, cycle to work scheme or public transport season ticket scheme arrangement with the County Council, or owe any other monies to the Council, any outstanding balance will immediately become payable on leaving and the deduction made from any payments the Authority makes to you for redundancy.

Please note:

  • breaks in employment may affect continuous service
  • the maximum number of years service that will be taken into account is 30 years
  • only full years of service count e.g. 3 years, 9 months count as 3 years
  • the maximum number of weeks pay is 40
  • the redundancy calculator applies to all employees regardless of age or whether in a pension scheme.
  • there is no other discretionary payment
  • redundancy payments will be paid via the payroll
  • any redundancy payment paid in excess of £30k will be subject to tax.

To enable you to complete the redundancy estimate calculator you will need access to the following information:

  • local government start date for your continuous service – you can obtain this information from your most recent contract of employment
  • annual Salary – actual gross salary is shown under the contracts section of your payslip which can be found on the bottom right hand side of the payslip.

An explanation of your payslip can be found on the intranet.

Salary pay scales are also available on the Managers Resource Centre (MRC).

The ready reckoner table [PDF]

LGPS Pension Estimate

If you are aged 55 or over on your preferred leaving date, under current regulations, you would also be able to access your pension if you pay into the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

Details of the Total Value of your LGPS Benefits as at 31 March 2016 can be found on your Annual Benefit Statement at the following section – Section 6 Total Value of LGPS Benefits as at 31 March 2016.

The Annual Benefit Statement disclaimer

  1. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the Annual Benefit Statement we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur.  The information is subject to change due to various factors including, but not limited to, changes to rules and regulations introduced by the Government Actuaries Department, HMRC and or the Department for Communities and Local Government.  Changes can happen at short notice and may be implemented prior to the Council issuing any future revised pension estimate and Annual Benefit Statement.  If the information provided in either of these documents is based on estimated criteria then the information provided is given as an estimate only and can change if any of the estimated criteria change. 
  2. The information provided is not intended to give you financial advice as the Council is not regulated under the Financial Services Act. The information provided in either a pension estimate or Annual Benefit Statement whether or not based on actual or estimated criteria should be used as a guide only as to the pension benefit you could expect to receive from the LGPS.  The information provided by the Council does not represent any promise or guarantee as to the benefits you would have received from the current LGPS.
  3. These documents should not be regarded as the only consideration when making decisions in respect of your pension arrangement or wider financial planning and we strongly recommend that you obtain independent financial advice.
  4. The Council excludes all and any liability for any loss, damages or expenses incurred or suffered (including consequential loss such as, but not limited to, loss of profit, anticipated savings and other economic loss) as a direct or indirect result arising from the any information contained in this pension estimate, or from any interpretation of the same, or from any act or decision taken as a result of using the same.

More information about the LGPS Career Average Pensions scheme can be found on the Local Government Pension Scheme 2014 website.

The Teachers Pension Scheme Estimate Calculator

If you are aged 55 or over on your preferred leaving date, under current regulations, you would also be able to access your pension if you pay into the Teachers Pension Scheme.

Access the teachers pensions scheme estimate calculator at www.teacherspensions.co.uk

Step 2: Ensure you obtain provisional support from your Team/Group Manager

If, after obtaining your own estimate using the on-line calculators, you wish to pursue an expression of interest in voluntary redundancy, you will need to discuss your interest and your preferred leaving date with your Team or Group Manager prior to completing the VR Expression of Interest form.

Your preferred leaving date will need to be mutually agreed. You will be required to confirm that you have your Team/Group manager’s provisional support to proceed with your expression of interest before the Pensions team provide an estimate. An estimate will only be provided on receipt of the signed-off expression of interest form which clearly states which post has provisionally been identified as being made redundant.

Please note: A Team Manager reports directly to a Group Manager. They may have a different job title and may not necessarily be your direct line manager. 

Step 3: Complete the Expression of Interest in Voluntary Redundancy form

Download the Expression of Interest in Voluntary Redundancy form [Word]

Please make sure you complete the form in full, as failure to answer all the questions could result in a delay in your expression of interest being processed.

The completed form should be returned via email to vr.expressions@nottscc.gov.uk  

If you do not have access to email please return by post to:

HR Service
Nottinghamshire County Council
c/o County Hall
West Bridgford
NG2 7QP 

Step 4: What happens next?

The HR Service will acknowledge receipt of your expression of interest form.

They will then forward your details to the Pensions Team who will send you a redundancy pay and pension (if eligible) estimate. Please note that estimates will be prioritised according to preferred leaving dates.

You will then need to discuss your request further with your Team/Group Manager and re-affirm their provisional support if you wish to proceed with your request.

You and your Team/Group manager will need to complete a provisional acceptance form and then forward it to your Service Director who will consider your request and notify your manager and HR accordingly.

Ultimately, it is your Service Director who will decide whether your request can be approved, and the HR service will advise you accordingly. 

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