Employing someone with a learning disability

If you are a local business interested in offering employment opportunities to people with a learning disability, we can help support you.

Our i-work team is looking for organisations in Nottinghamshire who can offer full or part time paid work for adults with learning disabilities and Asperger's. We already work with a range of employers across the county including Argos, Next, M&S, Costa, Wetherspoons, Co-op, Nottingham City Hospital, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

How it works

Our i-work team works with employers and people with learning disabilities and Asperger's to make sure we find the right match and give ongoing support. We will learn the job ourselves, then spend the time needed to train and support our job seekers:

  • we match the right person to the right opportunity
  • we carry out a full profile and assessment of each job seeker, covering their abilities, skills, interests, qualifications and support needs
  • we undertake a detailed task and skills analysis of the job
  • a member of our team supports the job seeker in their work, providing ongoing training until they and the employer are happy that the job requirements are being met
  • we are on-call to provide support and advice to employers and employees.

Benefits to your business

There are many benefits to employing someone with a learning disability or Asperger's, including:

  • positive corporate image
  • access to a conscientious work force
  • research shows that people with a learning disability are likely to stay with one employer for a long period of time
  • a free and fully supported service that offers accurate job matching and professional advice
  • a positive step towards promoting equal opportunities within your organisation
  • giving people with a learning disability the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

Find out more

If you think your business could provide an opportunity to someone with a learning disability or you'd like more information, please contact us o n 0115 804 1741.

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