How to buy our services

1. Online (interactive order system)

Many of our annual service packages are available to purchase using our updated interactive order system.

This can be accessed either, via the online directory of services or alternatively by following the link on the schools portal. Log in to the interactive order system using your school login details. The username is your schools' DfE number, however if you need to remind yourself of these details or your password, please contact our Schools Service Desk on 0115 977 2010 and select option 1.

The 'order online' symbol is shown on each of the service pages where this facility is available. The order system takes you through an easy to use wizard for each service provider. Each step builds up your order with your selected options and payment choices as well as collecting useful information about your specific needs and requirements.

You will receive email confirmations of all choices you make as these will form the new service contracts with providers.

The interactive order system displays all the services that are available to order online, so you can select all your choices in one place. Once you've created your order you will receive a confirmation email. If you need to make any changes after you've submitted your order form, you can log back into the form and make changes. If you need to make changes after the contract has become live, please contact the service directly as as there is a minimum notice period for all live contracts and changes will require the agreement of the service provider.   

As part of our ongoing improvements to the interactive order system providers can now suggest contracts for you to take up. Where providers do this, their suggestions will be based on your previous selections and will enable you to 'auto-renew' your contracts with one click if you are happy with what's being offered. You can also choose to amend or reject the suggested offer if you wish.

If you wish to purchase services that are not showing on the order form, please contact the service directly to find out more.

If you are new to this site please register your details and we will be happy to provide a username and password. This will give you access to the packages and pricing pages along with an online order form, displaying quotes for annual services specifically tailored to your school or academy.

Alternatively, please contact for more information.

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