Our food and ingredients

Our school meals are healthy and nutritious, a great way to keep your child fit and strong. Our meals are packed with fresh and tasty ingredients, meeting high standards for healthy eating, including many strictly regulated food assurance schemes.

As well as meals, we also provide school milk and bread, vegetarian options, and cater for special diets and allergies. Many of our ingredients are locally sourced - approximately 75% of the food on your child's plate - which cuts down on our food miles, reducing the carbon footprint per meal. Our food is also free from palm oil.

All of our meals meet school food healthy eating standards.

Our ingredients

In Nottinghamshire we are actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint and are proud to be using local and sustainable produce.

  • venison - from Thoresby Park, Sherwood Forest
  • beef - grazed on the banks of the River Trent by Holme Farm in Rampton
  • lamb - from the Peak District
  • turkey - farm assured, cage free from Lincs Turkey Ltd in Grainthorpe, Louth
  • pork - local and rare breed from Hockerwood Farm in Upton
  • eggs - free range from Fieldson Farm Eggs in Lincolnshire
  • vegetables - fresh and seasonal, grown locally where possible, from Country Fresh Foods in Sheffield
  • fish - sourced from sustainable stocks and carries the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accreditation
  • organic bouillon - sourced from Major International is used in all our pasta, pie and casserole dishes
  • organic soya milk - to cater for medical or dietary requirements.

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