Nottinghamshire School Meals

Our school meals are healthy and nutritious, a great way to keep your child fit and strong. Our meals are packed with fresh and tasty ingredients, meeting high standards for healthy eating, including many strictly regulated food assurance schemes.

As well as meals, we also provide school milk and bread, vegetarian options, and cater for special diets and allergies. Many of our ingredients are locally sourced - approximately 75% of the food on your child's plate - which cuts down on our food miles, reducing the carbon footprint per meal. Our food is also free from palm oil.

We understand that many parents lead busy lives, and may not always have time to prepare children's lunches themselves. Letting us take care of it is a great way to ensure that your child gets a hot healthy meal.

School meal prices are set by schools and academies and are dependent on their contract. There is a Nottinghamshire County Council recommended price, which is the same for primary and secondary schools. For the period Sept 2019 - Sept 2020, this is £2.30 per meal.

Please contact your school to find out more about their school meals.

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More information

You can find out more by visiting our common questions page, which includes details about our locally sourced ingredients.



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