Cashless payment system for school meals

Some schools in Nottinghamshire operate a cashless catering system, this means instead of paying with cash for any meals and snacks at the school cafe, your child will use a biometric identification system to pay. Instead of handing over any cash, a simple swipe of your child's finger and the money will be taken from your online account. A large number of Primary Schools also have cashless dinner money and school monies (trips etc) payment options – please ask in your school office for more information on the arrangements at your child’s school.

If your child’s school is going cashless you will receive an introduction letter from the school. This will inform you of the process and provide you with your sQuid registration details.

If you have any queries or want to discuss alternative options, please contact your child's school.

Create an account

Create an account to view your balance and a breakdown of your transactions. You will be asked to enter a few details to set up your account, along with your registration details.

Create a new account with sQuid or log in to an existing account.

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