What is participation?

Participation means children, young people, families and carers with experience of using Nottinghamshire services taking part in decisions that affect their lives. It is about people being listened to, respected and valued.

The ladder of participation shows the different ways that people can be involved.

Ladder of terms describing the progression towards achieving co-production at the top

Doing with 

Involving people as equal partners from the start to the end of the project:

  • Co-production
  • Co-design
Doing for

People are asked their opinions and views but have limited influence over decisions that are made:

  • Engagement 
  • Consultation
  • Informing
Doing to

People are seen as passive recipients, services are designed for them and their views are not considered.

  • Educating
  • Coercion 

The Ladder of Participation diagram description [Word]

Our vision is for more of our services, policies and strategies across the Nottinghamshire Children and Families department to be developed with people with experience of services, our staff and other stakeholders, working together as equals from start to finish. This is co-production.

Co-production means involving people in decisions that affect their lives and also working with them to design, deliver and evaluate support and services. It is about sharing power and responsibility, building on people’s skills and experience, and recognising that everyone has something valuable to contribute.

We know that children, young people and their families have a legal right to be heard and for their views to be taken into consideration.

Children and young people from the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Children Partnership have made a short film called ‘Was Not Heard’ advocating for the right of children to be heard and the duty of those working with them to act. Watch the video: 

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