Schools forum

The Government requires that each local authority maintain a Schools Forum to represent its school’s views on matters relating to the total Schools' Budget. There are national regulations which govern the composition, constitution and procedures of Schools Forums. Although they operate in a mainly consultative and advisory role, Schools Forums also have some decision making powers in relation to the balance between the delegated and centrally retained funds within the Schools' Budget.

Schools forum vacancies

School and Academy membership

Maintained primary schools (6 representatives)

  • Ben Waldram, Lowdham CofE Primary
  • Louise Regan, Hillocks Primary School
  • Andrew Rossington, Arno Vale School
  • Lynn Corner-Brown, Wadsworth Primary
  • Helen Atkins, Leas Park Junior School - vice chair
  • Ly Toom, Abbey Road Primary School.

Maintained secondary schools (1 representative)

  • David Phillips, Chilwell School

Academy (7 representatives)

  • Dr Philip Smith - Outwood Grange Academies Trust
  • Halina Angus - The Southwolds Academy (EMET Trust)
  • Andy Seymour - Newark Academy
  • David Bell – Joseph Whitaker School (EMET Trust)
  • Anne Hall – Carlton Junior Academy (Redhill Trust)
  • Neil Holmes – Diverse Academy Learning Partnership
  • James MacDonald – Whitehills Park Federation.

Maintained special schools (1 representative)

  • Dawn Wigley, Ash Lea School.

Academy special schools (1 representative)

  • Pauline Corfield - Redgate Primary (DALP)

Governors (5 representatives)

  • Colin Barnard - Abbey Gates Primary
  • Tony Colton - The Minster School Academy
  • Fiona Jones – Winthorpe Primary
  • Amanda Williams – Albany Infant and Nursery
  • Joan Smalley - Fountaindale School

Non-school membership

Private, voluntary and independent nursery providers (2 representatives)

  • Karen O'Connell – Early Years Consultation Group 
  • Karen Richards – Early Years Consultation Group

Diocesan representatives (2 representatives)

  • Church of England Diocese: Claire Meese, Diocesan Director of Education 
  • Roman Catholic Diocese: Carlo Cuomo, Headteacher, Christ the King - CHAIR 

14-19 Partnership representative (1 representative)

  • Vacancy

Trade union representatives (2 representatives)

  • Teacher trade unions: Joe Jeffries, NASUWT
  • Support Staff unions: Jo Myers, UNISON 


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