Aim of our projects

We are involved in projects that contribute to economic development, employment opportunities, training/education, social inclusion, tourism and the wellbeing of the historic environment.

Many of the projects are focused on saving the county's Heritage at Risk, which is recorded on our online Buildings at Risk database and English Heritage’s annual paper register.  We work with:

  • community groups
  • parish councils
  • churches
  • district authorities
  • amenity societies.

Historic Landscape Characterisation

This map was created through an English Heritage sponsored project that ran from 1998 to 2000. This document includes that map and some details on its background and compilation.

Extensive Urban Surveys

These surveys of selected historic towns in Nottinghamshire were carried out from 1997 to 2004.  They give an overview of the historic development of these settlements and are designed to help inform planning decisions.

A conservation area is very often the focus and core of the settlement, be it a small rural village or the centre of a market town or city. There are also conservation areas designated for more recently developed parts of settlements, such as planned suburban villa developments of the Victorian period, like The Park in Nottingham.

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