Historic Environment Record (HER)

Historic Environment Record (HER)

About the Record

The Nottinghamshire Historic Environment Record (HER - formerly known as the Sites and Monuments Record) is a database of information on archaeological sites and finds, historic buildings and historic landscapes in Nottinghamshire.

The HER forms part of a network of similar records across the United Kingdom. It includes sites dating from the Palaeolithic (from about 500,000 years ago) through to the 20th Century. There are currently over 25,000 data entries in the Nottinghamshire HER. They refer to features ranging in size from single chance finds, such as Roman coins, to WWII airfields.

You can now access many of our records and resources using our searchable online HER database and mapping program: Nottinghamshire Historic Environment Record

Simple searches of the Nottinghamshire HER can also be done online through The Heritage Gateway.

Purpose and uses

The information contained in the HER underpins the work of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Archaeological and Building Conservation team in areas such as:

  • planning and development control
  • agri-environment schemes
  • advice to owners and developers
  • management of monuments
  • research.

It is an essential tool for assessing the impact of development proposals, as recommended in national planning guidance.


We welcome enquiries from anyone with interest in the county’s past, whether they are members of the public interested in their own local area, students and researchers working on projects, archaeological contractors and consultants or national bodies such as English Heritage.

The HER office in County Hall is open to the public by appointment, you can view our access and charges policy

Please note that local HER records contain much more detailed information than is available through our online resources. The HER should be directly contacted for all commercial and planning-related matters. We would also ask that all reports are submitted to the ADS archive via OASIS.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please get in touch with the conservation team:

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