Policies, procedures and guidance

The main policy, procedure and guidance manual covers most situations and can be accessed here:

The links below take you to new policies, procedures and guidance that are yet to be incorporated into the main manual.

Description Document
Updated chapter to reflect updated criteria relating to children under 4 years who have an identified condition which will make significant extra demands on carers. Adoption financial support.pdf [PDF]
Child or young person's placement plan.pdf [PDF]
Extensively updated chapter which should be re-read in conjunction with NCC 'Pathway to Provision' document. Children's Disability Service - Threshold Criteria for Children's social care.pdf [PDF]
This protocol sets out the principles and arrangements agreed between Health, Education and Children's Social Care Service commissioning agencies for the joint funding of specialist, external placements and provision. Children's Integrated Commissioning Hub.pdf [PDF]
Consent to Nottinghamshire County Council looking after child under S20 (CA89) / S17(6). Consent to placement and medical treatment form.pdf [PDF]
We expect that all residential staff want, and are able to, deliver a warm, respectful and professional service to the children they are looking after. However, we feel it is vital to underline to staff their primary responsibilities towards the care of children. This is important for all staff in children’s homes. Declaration of a worker's adherence to the Statement of Primary Responsibilities.pdf [PDF]
Information, advice and guidance in respect of placement planning for children and young people being accommodated in one of the three Nottinghamshire residential homes. Residential placement plan.pdf [PDF]
Applies to all approved foster carers. Details what the foster carer can expect following approval from their supervising social worker. It also covers the supervising social workers role if there is an allegation against the foster carer. Supervision of foster carers.pdf [PDF]
The purpose of the Pathway to Provision handbook is to support practitioners to identify an individual child’s, young person’s and/or family’s level of need and to enable the most appropriate referrals to access provision. Pathway to provision.pdf [PDF]
The EHAF aims to provide practitioners across the children's workforce a tool to help them quickly assess needs, plan their own interventions and to make onward referral for other services if required. Early help assessment form.docx [DOCX]

Additional guidance

The guidance listed below is not part of the Children's Social Care PPG manual but it is important that all staff are aware of, and act in accordance with, them.


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