Sensory Processing needs and Learning Environments

Target audience

 SENDCOs and key persons working with children with sensory needs. If delegates have previously attended the Sensory Processing course then they can book onto the second half of this course. 


About this course

We are offering a full day's training this academic year. 
The training can be done together as a full day's training or if you have previously
completed one aspect of course you can complete the other.

Theory based- This part is designed to give you an understanding of the senses and how
they can impact on everyday life. We look at different responses and behaviours and what it
can look like for our children
We cover:
● Understanding the senses.
● How do our senses make sense of the stimuli they receive
● What is hyper or hypo sensitive (big cup/little cup)
● How does this look for our learners?
● Recognising different behaviours.

Practical session.
We will look at strategies that can help regulate our senses using everyday, low tech
resources. We discuss ways to create enabling, accessible environments to try to meet our
children's individual needs, promote engagement, play and learning.
We cover
● Strategies using low tech sensory ideas to help make learning multi-sensory.
● We look at activities to bridge the gap to slowly introduce new experiences.
● Ways to add movement into our day either during or before learning.
● How to adapt the learning space to support children with different sensory needs.

Dates, times and venue 

Date Time Venue
17 March 2023 9.30 - 15.30 Rufford Suite, County Hall
23 June 2023 9.30 - 15.30 Rufford Suite, County Hall


Course tutor

 Simply Sensory



  • £60 for the full day (both sessions)
  • £30 for just the afternoon session (from 1.00 pm)



17 March, County Hall Book March online using Eventbrite

23 June, County Hall   Book June online using Eventbrite


Further course information 

● To feel more confident in identifying the barriers to learning and play

● To understand the importance of adapting the environment to meet a learner's sensory needs to aid engagement and learning

● To give practical ideas on how to adapt the environment to reduce sensory sensitivities while meeting sensory needs

● To have a range of ideas on how to adapt the environment to meet learners needs thus reducing sensory sensitivities, while providing sensory information needed to help regulate and calm the learner

● To have a bank of resource ideas to support learning and engagement

● To develop engagement and learning for learners who have sensory difficulties

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