The Playroom Day Nursery

Thank you so very much for everything you have done over the last 12 bonkers months.  From the very start of the pandemic, the amount of dedication you have shown to both M & B & all of the children in your care has been truly astounding.  You went over and above in the early days to keep them connected to their friends & yourselves, stimulated & feeling special.  Setting challenges, sharing songs & videos, their faces really did light up every time they saw you on Facebook.
Everything you have done to enable the Playroom to reopen and stay open has truly made a massive difference to our lives over the last year.  As we have all been cut off from family and friends, the constant for the girls of being able to come in & socialise with their friends both young & grown up & keep that critical sense of some sort of normality, has been a true lifeline & we cannot underestimate how much of a positive impact this has had on the girls' development.  We are grateful every day for you all.
Our Playroom team work together in an exceptional way.  The leadership and management are extremely strong under the guidance of Helen as owner-manager.  Danielle our Team Manager and Milly our children's manager both work very closely to ensure the smooth running of nursery linking closely with Kirsty and Aimee our team leaders and Cristina, Claire, Genna, Jack, Colleen, Sarah our keyworkers.  We are in the process of a new build to the back of nursery which will provide a wonderful pre-school room connecting with the garden which has meant considerable change to practice in order to keep the children safe and also maintain their routines.  They work diligently and with a smile ensuring that the Playroom is always a very happy place for both staff and children to be in.  Congratulations team, I am really proud of you all.

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