Leahurst Road Pre-School

The team at Leahurst Road pre-school are amazing. They work together and support each other to provide fantastic care for my child. They think and plan all the activities, so the children get the most ‘play’ and learning opportunities. They share the learning and photos on tapestry regularly, so we know what our little ones have been up to. During the recent hot spell, they even created a beach day and one of the staff brought in her own large paddling pool for the children to play in. They are a dedicated team which is probably why Leahurst Road pre-school has been operating for so long. They’ve overcome covid challenges and despite a challenging financial situation continue to solely focus on the children.
The staff consistently work together and operate in a dynamic way. For example at short notice they held a "beach day" due to hot weather which ensured the children's safety in the sun by keeping them cool whilst also being extremely fun. Each session my son attends is different and engaging, they are always implementing innovative ways to support learning through play.

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