Cherubs Kimberley

The entire pre-school and wider Cherubs team show the highest level of care, passion and support for children and parents. Our daughter started at Cherubs from the age of 10 months and has now moved into their pre-school room. At every stage, hurdle and celebration they taken us as parents on the journey and supported us to help in our daughters’ development.
Since joining the pre-school room our daughter’s confidence across reading, writing and communication has accelerated and we believe this is down to the outstanding work of the staff in the Cherubs pre-school room. Each day they share with us the multiple activities, lesson plans and class trips which use different stimuli to help engage the children. It's not wonder that the children are as happy as they are.

Amazing team, always pulling together through tough times even when having there own personal illnesses and family issues. Team are constantly raising money for there charity partner. Setting events for families on weekend and out of hours to maintain our outstanding parent partnership.

My little boys love going to nursery and this team are so friendly and helpful. They help with changes that need to be done and advise we’re it is needed.

Always pull together to support nursery parent partnerships.

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