Carnarvon Pre-School

When covid happened 2 years ago and all childcare settings closed, I found myself having to find a new care setting for my then 2- and 3-year-old when everything reopened and I was back to work as my previous care setting had moved on.  All the restrictions in place made it hard to be able fully engage with the new setting we had chosen - not being able to look around the pre-school and meet the leaders that would be looking after my two children was horrible. As an anxiety sufferer this was tough - but - when pre-school opened and my two started at Carnarvon Pre School - I can honestly say I could not have asked for a better bunch of ladies and Kelly Higham (nursery manager who amazes me) Always keeping in touch, always there when needed and just all have such a great presence. I know my children are so happy there and can’t thank them all enough for what they do.
The whole team work brilliantly together giving the children in their setting a welcoming, happy, productive and fulfilling environment to learn in. The team including Kelly the pre-school manager takes the time to greet the children and comfort them if necessary. It’s clear to see the team really care about the children. Kelly doesn’t forget the parents either and put on a lovely, surprising treat on Valentine’s Day with cakes/pastry’s/biscuits and drinks! The whole team work so hard to make sure both children and parents are happy. The app the pre-school uses so parents can see what their children have been doing is updated daily, which makes you feel connected. The pr- school have lots of children attending so I can only imagine how busy the team are and not forgetting any administrative jobs which are quickly and efficiently done by Kay! Amazing job you all do ladies, thank you??
The team at Carnarvon Pre-School constantly amaze me and impress me. They have continued throughout the Covid pandemic, managing the situation so well and adapting to ever changing circumstances. They make preschool such a happy learning environment for the children, and the communication with parents is superb. The kids learn and have fun, and as parents we are always informed and updated with events, activities and milestones. The pictures we can exchange on Tapestry is fab too, always very timely and informative. What a fantastic place for children to thrive and prepare for starting school, we absolutely love it. Well done to such a brilliant team!

Our daughter started pre-school during covid not the easiest of times for a transition like this.  All the ladies at Carnarvon preschool couldn’t of made this transition any smoother. They put their heart into everything, and it truly shows in the children.  They have gone above and beyond, nurturing, caring and support the development of the children. My daughter couldn’t speak more highly of every single lady. Since Kelly took over as manager, pre-school has been even more wonderful and so inspiring. These women deserve so much recognition, working through covid with no massive distributions adapting to the new ways. Kelly has driven new ideas, more diversity, encouraging acceptance and raising awareness on a lot of topics.  Making pre-school not only a safe place but a truly inspiring place for all the children to feel accepted and learn things that we wasn’t necessarily taught when we were younger. 

The whole team at Carnarvon Pre-School coped incredibly well, with so many changes this academic year. Their previous manager retired, who had been there many many years. The EYFS changes were implemented thoroughly. The setting went online, using Tapestry. The Curriculum was slightly changed to be more current and fresh! They have had at times to step out of their comfort zones and trust me with all these changes. They still had to deal with covid, which meant being short staffed.  I am super proud of how the team have supported me as their new manager and all the 75 children at Pre-School. It’s definitely been one of the most challenging years faced within early years, we have worked strongly as a team. They have gone above and beyond with our parents and children’s wellbeing, always putting their needs first. Nothing has ever been too much.
I cannot thank them all enough for making me feel welcome and taken on board these huge changes this year. Thanks so much, Kelly

The whole team have worked together during very challenging times. Not only have we had to face covid and the problems that it has brought with it but also a change in management.
The team have stayed strong and proactive, supporting each other as well as the children and families in their care. Keeping a preschool running during these trying times hasn't always been easy but with the help and support of each other it has made the job more manageable.

The majority of this team have supported both my children, the eldest being eight now and he still has many a kind word and smile when he sees them! The staff work so hard in a relatively small setting, they always have the children as a priority and make every moment count. With each child I could see them develop and blossom with the support of the Pre-school, couldn’t ask for a better team!

The ladies of Carnarvon preschool are amazing, every day they go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to all their children, they are dedicated, caring and passionate and all the parent's are incredibly happy with the care provided by them.

I wanted to nominate Carnarvon Pre-school team, as they are just brilliant. They go above and beyond for the children and parents. It is a lovely bubbly setting, and my son and daughter bloomed there. Thank you, Claire Chambers.

A lovely group of ladies who go above and beyond to help the children. They adapted incredibly well through Covid times. Really creative ways of learning which have worked really well for our children.

Every child loves all the activities and learning.

A fabulous team at Carnarvon pre school. They are always so friendly and welcoming to parents and children.

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