Alphabet House Chilwell

I am blessed to have such a brilliant team to work with. A team that went above and beyond in the weeks we remained open in lockdown. Changes to procedure and practise daily were thrown at them. Not once did the stress, concern or worry show. The support we had for each other strengthen us all as a team. Since lockdown our team has gone from strength to strength. We have implemented many changes, everyone has made nursery what it is today. Their teamwork, resilience, and strength shines through. Nursery feels full of love not just for the children but for each other. A happy place for the children to thrive and feed off the energy and positive attitudes of us as a team. I love hearing about the children from the girls, hearing them talk about individuals and how they are helping them along their journey and seeing this first hand. I have seen resources created, environments and practises adapted showing signs of a truly reflective team who only want what is best for our children.
The baby room team always carry a firing excitement with them, there isn't a boring day in the nurseries baby room or anywhere else in the nursery. My son is in the baby room, and he is always being challenged to develop and improve his motor and learning skills in fun and exciting ways. He has developed so much since joining the nursery and the team is always keeping us up to date with our son's development. We always get photos and notes on what's been happening in the baby room and what our son has been up to. We truly feel involved in all the big steps he is making at nursery even though we are not there in person.
My children are only 2 and 3 and have already attended 3 different nursery's due to the nature of our service in the military. I cannot praise enough the team at Alphabet House, the level of love, care and support they give my children, and how its is uniquely catered to each child is overwhelmingly heart-warming.
In previous nursery's at only 18 months old I was being told daily on pick up how naughty my children had been yet never any explanation as to why or discussion about how I could support my child to prevent such behaviour.  Alphabet house have never once told me my children are naughty, instead they talk me through their observations on each child aiding me as a parent and signposting me to guidance. If working such long days for our children wasn’t enough, you can see what a wonderful team they are in their efforts to raise funds for charities outside of work, and always going to great lengths to involve the families and community in their work.

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