Ellie Pitchford – Enchanted Garden

I am putting Ellie forward for many reasons, as a parent it has been very important that my child’s needs, personally, socially, emotionally and educationally are met. Ellie looks at each child as an individual and she sees them as a whole, she nurtures them as individuals. She’s a key worker for my son who has allergies and very hyper energy and she always finds a suitable way to include and support him.  She’s got an incredible bond with all the children, as a parent I see it at pick up when she’s talking passionately to other parents and interacting with the children. My son has had Ellie as a key worker since he was 9 months old. She’s supported and followed him throughout his nursery and preschool journey and their bond is so precious. She has already started to help him with his school transition and has ensured he is ready. My son also has speech and language support, and Ellie has been amazing in ensuring nursery also help him with this. She’s so approachable and supportive. The best.
Ellie shows such compassion, care and love towards all the children in her setting. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that all children's individual needs are met, supports new staff and is a friendly face for parents.  Ellie is forest school trained and my child's favourite part of nursery is when Ellie is leading a forest school activity. She offers helpful advice to parents and is very reassuring. Last year, I know she helped a parent and child at the nursery after closing hours when their car had rolled in to a ditch and even took them to the hospital, staying with them to check they were safe. This is just one of many things that she does that are beyond what she is paid or expected to do.
Ellie is outstanding she works enthusiastically with all her key children as well as other groups.  Completed Forest School and high levels to give children more opportunities within our outdoor setting. Seeing her encourage and support all children no matter what their abilities, brings a smile to the children’s faces and staff. Ellie has worked with children identifying their own abilities and encouraging them to do things outside their comfort zones ready to go to school. Ellie has key children with physical difficulties, but her interaction is fun and encouraging with big smiles, their faces shine. Having completed forest school training, she has brought different ideas and fun to the nursery. She is an exceptional practitioner. Hard to put into words what she does.
Ellie is a credit to the nursery. She’s taken my little boy under her wing and helps him in every way possible. My little boy has additional needs following being seriously poorly as a baby. She makes sure he is involved in all activities and kept with his peers. Also, he has 1 on 1 care to help his ability to do things his peers do normally. Ellie goes above and beyond to make sure my little boy is meeting what he can and pushes him where he can do more.
Wow!!!! Ellie has come on so much since starting with us and always takes on board. She is a very warm and welcoming lady and always meets each individual child needs
Ellie always had a smile for all the children and will great them with excitement. Her activities are always inclusive and allows all children to join in.
Fabulous warm loving caring lady towards all the children in her setting. She will go the extra mile for all staff and children.
Amazing practitioner, great with children and parents.

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