The Village Nursery Pre-School – The Village Nursery Bramcote

Everyone is welcome and our SEND team are incredible. Over the past few years, they have supported numerous families to join us. They have welcomed in a diverse range of SEN children, many with complex diagnosis. They have always thought "how can we make this the right place for this child and their family" and their work and inclusivity has brought about real change in our setting in terms of how our children welcome new friends who make sense of the world in a different way. This has been made possible by the ongoing support of our EYST, SFSS, NHS staff, school settings etc and there has never been a moment that the SEND team and supporting colleagues haven't thought that anything and everything is possible for our SEN children. They are creative, passionate advocates for children and value the benefit of true partnership working with families / professionals. I can see the difference this team makes to these little lives!!

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