Laura Hammond - Bright Sparks Day Nursery

Work of a Deputy can be predictable. During lockdown, with only two colleagues in practitioner roles, the Director acting as cook and a new cohort of children comprised of mixed ages, Laura evolved new ways of working.
Laura made no apology for the fact that she knew little about some Key Children and their families and set about gathering information from parents to ensure that her standards in care were second to none. She supported communication with families through a Key Worker social media group and made practical adjustments e.g. using a slings to carry babies close outdoors leaving hands free to support pre-schoolers.
Laura recognised gaps in home learning and support for those who were absent from the setting through the production and delivery of 'learn at home packs' for non-attendees. A lockdown family was created in Nursery where the older children cared for younger 'siblings' through acceptance, role modelling and a culture of support; it still exists and flourishes.

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