Aimee Bestwick – The Playroom Day Nursery

In this crazy busy world, not everyone reads their emails or listens to what their child has done at the end of the working day. Parents are tired and just want to get home. So, as a nursery, we thought of different ways that we could get information across to parents so that they had an idea of what life is like at the Playroom and what their children enjoy when they come here. We decided to produce a regular monthly, bright, informative newsletter, full of photos and activities as well as important information, that parents could read at their leisure over a cuppa. Aimee has been running the newsletter now for a couple of years and does an amazing job of it. She rallies round the team towards the end of the month, getting their photos of children having fun, little snippets of the funny things they say, how they have expanded an activity into bigger projects and dates for the diary so that parents are connected and know what is coming up. Well done Aimee - I am proud of you.

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