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Council helps Pauline stay in touch during lockdown






A Stapleford lady who is deaf and has a visual impairment has been handed a lifeline to help her keep in contact with family and health services thanks to the County Council’s Adult Deaf and Visual Impairment Service (ADVIS). 

Following discharge from hospital at the start of lockdown, Pauline Williams was deemed at risk from coronavirus and required to 'shield' but had no formal or informal support. She lives alone and communicates using British Sign Language. 

Dawn Morton, Social Worker, assessed Pauline and identified that she had no means of communication with family, friends or agencies. Following input from Paul Kelly, ADVIS Technical Officer, they provided Pauline with a new tablet. Although Pauline had never used technology before, Paul taught her how to make WhatsApp video calls so that she could regularly contact her family and access health services remotely. As Pauline requires communication in sign language, she also received help from Lisa Warnock, ADVIS Support Worker with her essential shopping which gave her reassurance. 

Pauline Williams said: “I was very lonely when my best friend and neighbour of 50 years passed away. It was extremely upsetting and shocking, I was also in hospital myself with health issues. My family don’t live close to me but now I have a new tablet I can regularly keep in touch with them."

“I’m happier now and I’m grateful for all of the support I’ve received over the past few months. Thank you to the ADVIS team for helping me through this difficult time.”

Councillor Tony Harper, Chairman of the Nottinghamshire’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee said: “Our ADVIS team do a fantastic job supporting people with sensory impairments and this story shows how they have gone the extra mile to continue this work for vulnerable people during the pandemic. I am delighted that Pauline now has this lifeline and can communicate with her family and health services.”