National Strategy for Disabled People

The Government has announced its intention to publish the National Strategy for Disabled People in Spring 2021. It focuses on removing barriers to ensure disabled people and those with long-term health conditions can lead a life of opportunity and fully participate in society.

A survey was carried out to capture the most important issues that people with lived experience and professional experience wanted addressing in the Strategy.

Benefits and financial security were the most common issues raised across the Midlands, with many respondents commenting that the benefit application process is inadequate.

Employment is another issue, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic, with the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people continuing to grow.

Concerns were also raised about support services, with respondents stating that there was an increased strain on families as not all support services are being offered due to the pandemic. The built environment and lack of accessibility in certain places, was stated as a barrier for disabled people being able to fully participate in society.

The Regional Stakeholder Network in the East Midlands is asking the Government to address the issues of benefits and financial security in the National Strategy as a priority. Financial security is important for a person to be able to have a good quality of life and in turn this will impact other things, such as mental health, employability, and level of independence. Ensuring that disabled people are financially stable will allow them to fully participate and contribute to society.

If you would like to discuss the Strategy, or get involved in the Regional Stakeholder Network in the East Midlands, please email

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