Support for carers

You are a carer if you provide unpaid support to a family member, neighbour or friend. They could need support because they are ill, frail, disabled or have a mental health or substance misuse problem.

The support you provide could be: 

  • washing and dressing
  • shopping and food preparation
  • helping with laundry or housework
  • keeping someone company
  • helping someone take medication
  • emotional support or help managing difficult behaviour
  • keeping an 'eye' on someone to make sure they are safe. 

You are still a carer if you: 

  • don't live with the person you care for
  • are not the only person providing care to someone 
  • are caring for more than one person 
  • are not related to the person you care for.

Carers' information booklet

Please note the new contact details for the Carers Hub Service 

Below you will find information and resources to support your role as a carer.

There is a variety of support available to help carers including:

The Carers Hub Service provides a range of support and services for carers. If you contact the helpdesk on 0808 802 1777 you can speak to an experienced support worker who will provide a personalised service that meets your individual need. You can contact them by WhatsApp or Text at 07814678460 or email 

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself - you can find out about support available in your community by using Nottinghamshire Help Yourself, which gives information about local organisations that provide a range of services.

Dementia UK - if you are looking for advice, support or information about caring for someone with dementia.

Carers UK - find out more about self-help and tips for reducing stress: 

Read the Mind booklet How to cope as a carer [PDF] 

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What is an emergency card for carers? 

An emergency card for carers identifies you as a carer in the event of an emergency.

The card does not give any personal information, but provides a phone number anyone can call.

Staff answering the phone will take any action you have agreed with us like: 

  • contact family/friends to let them know there is an emergency 
  • visit the person you care for and arrange emergency help. 

Why do I need an emergency card? 

In the event of an emergency you will have: 

  • emergency cover 24 hours a day
  • peace of mind that in the event of an emergency the person you care for will be looked after.

Who can apply for a card? 

You can apply for an emergency card if you are: 

  • a carer
  • a cared for person living in Nottinghamshire (excluding Nottingham City) and over 18 years-old.

How do I apply for a card? 

Apply online for a carer's emergency card 

Alternatively, contact the Customer Service Centre via phone, text relay service or sign relay service where one of advisors will assist you.

If your caring role is affecting your health or wellbeing, you can contact us to have a conversation about how caring impacts on your health, work, social life, finances, education, or family and personal life.

The agreed outcome will depend on your own current personal circumstances. You may be able to get additional support, such as help with a break from caring or a carer’s personal budget.  Where this is identified, you may be asked to speak to another social care professional to continue the assessment of your needs and discuss what will happen next.

We will always provide you with relevant information and advice including, where appropriate, referring you to the Carers Hub Service for that support.

Someone else can request a conversation with us about your needs as a carer on your behalf – for example, a doctor, social worker, mental health professional or care support worker.

When we talk to you about your needs as a carer, in most cases this will initially be over the telephone.  However, a follow on conversation could also take place face-to-face in your own home or at one of our social care clinics.

To have a conversation about your needs as a carer, contact the Customer Service Team 

You can contact the Carers Hub Service directly on: 0808 802 1777 or WhatsApp or Text: 07814678460. You can also visit the Carers Hub Service or email

A personal budget is a one-off payment available to eligible carers where there are specific needs identified to help support you in your caring role.

The offer of a personal budget for carers will depend on your own personal circumstances.  This will be determined following your conversation with us to identify what your needs are as a carer, and specifically how a personal budget can be used to support you to look after your own health and wellbeing.

Some examples of where a personal budget may be offered to eligible carers may include: 

  • Equipment to help with your caring role
  • One-off activities, items, or services to specifically support carer mental and physical wellbeing
  • College or training courses
  • Helping carers back to work

To have a conversation about your needs as a carer, contact the Customer Service Team

If you are a young person caring for someone, and need extra help or need more time for hobbies or school, you may be able to get support and advice from us. 

You are a young carer if you:

  • are aged between 5 and 17
  • provide care, assistance and support to someone.

To get support from us, you will need a complete a Young Carers Assessment. This will find out about the care you give and the support we can offer you. 

How do I request a Young Carers Assessment?

To request a Young Carers Assessment, contact the Customer Service Team 

The support you could receive includes:

  • help to improve your health and you how feel
  • help to reduce how the caring role affects other parts of your life
  • help to towards school or college activities
  • leisure activities, hobbies and spending time with friends
  • equipment to help with your education such as books or a laptop

As part of your support we may offer you a personal budget. This gives you some choice and control over the support you get. 

Find out more about services and support for young carers in Nottinghamshire.

The Carers Hub Service can also provide information, advice and support to young carers and their families. If you contact the helpdesk on 0808 802 1777 you can speak to an experienced support worker. You can also email


We are pleased to share our Joint All Age Carers Strategy for Nottinghamshire. It was jointly developed together with carers, health partners and colleagues from Nottingham City Council.

This new strategy is for the whole ICS (Integrated Care System) and sets out what we will do to improve the health and wellbeing of all carers, and how we will meet those needs by working together in partnership.

The strategy was co-produced by carers with lived experience and outlines their expectations for the future of what ‘good’ looks like.

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