Nottinghamshire Household Support Fund (HSF)  Phase 2

Phase Two of the Household Support Fund has now closed - We are currently in Phase Four of the fund.

If you have recently received a letter inviting you to apply for Phase Four of the fund please complete the Household Support Fund Application form

The Government has extended the Household Support Fund (HSF) to provide £5.6 million to Nottinghamshire County Council residents who are most in need by providing vouchers for food and energy bills, and holiday food vouchers for those on free school meals.

Nottinghamshire County Council is working closely with partners to identify those most in need who are struggling to make ends meet due to the current rise in living costs.

The guidance relating to the distribution of Phase 2 of the Household Support Fund (provided by the DWP) states that at least one-third of the funding (£1.88m) must be applied to vulnerable households with children (under 19 years) and at least one-third of the funding (£1.88m) to be available to support those of pensionable age.   

We are delighted that the HSF had already seen over £1.35million of funding used to provide food vouchers to families with children entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) during school holidays between April and May.

Nottinghamshire County Council will again be providing vouchers to those eligible over the school summer holiday totalling £1.5 million, as well as helping vulnerable Nottinghamshire pensioners, low-income families with children under five (not in receipt of free school meals), and households without children who are in need.   

Who is eligible to receive financial support from Phase 2 of the HSF?

Support will be provided to those already working with one of our professional services.

Our professional services include Social Workers, Care Workers, Family Workers, Housing Officers and Benefits Advisors.

These professionals working for the County, District or Borough Councils will be able to make referrals for applicants on their behalf.

  • Frontline officers working for the County and District and Borough Councils will use their knowledge to identify households and individuals and voucher support will be arranged.
  • Professional officers will identify those who qualify for support and will arrange this for you if you are eligible. You do not need to contact us or your local authority.

Please note, we are not able to accept individual applications into the scheme.

Frequently asked questions

Support for the Household Support Fund Phase 2 will be available until the end of September 2022.

The DWP has announced an extension to the fund (Phase 3) and further details will follow when available.


If you are receiving pension credit we’ll be posting a  letter to you between 16 and 22 August explaining how you can apply for support. Find out more.

Phase 2 of the Household Support Fund for families with children, will continue to be delivered through holiday food vouchers for those families entitled to Free School Meals. This support is delivered direct to the schools who will send the vouchers to parents or carers of eligible pupils.

Professionals will also be able to make a referral for low-income families they are working with, who have children under 5, not eligible for funded childcare and not in receipt of Free School Meals.


Professionals will be able to make a referral for residents they are already working with from non-pensioner household without children.

Further Support  

If you need further help or support, find out more about accessing benefits and other government support that you may be eligible for.

Household Support Fund Phase 3

The Government has announced an extension to the Household Support Fund for the period of October 2022 till March 2023. Further details of this fund, including eligibility criteria, can be found here.

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