The benefits of fibre broadband

Broadband is a connection to the internet that is always on. The better the quality of broadband the better the internet experience is.

Fibre-based broadband is the new generation of broadband - much faster, more reliable and it uses a different technology. Whilst traditional broadband is delivered via copper telephone lines, fibre-based broadband incorporates fibre optic cable in the link between the customer and the exchange (the set of equipment that connects telephone lines during a call).

Fibre optic cable has less interference, keeps the signal strength over much greater distances and operates at a higher frequency rate. Higher frequency means greater bandwidth and greater bandwidth means faster connection speeds.

The term 'superfast' relates specifically to the speed of the broadband received into the property. Superfast broadband is defined by Ofcom as offering speeds faster than 30 megabits per second (Mbps). Over 80,000 superfast connections were delivered throughout the life of the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire contracts. The government target is to deliver gigabit-capable broadband to a minimum of 85% of premises by 2025. 

How fibre broadband can help you

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