Moving traffic enforcement

What do we want to do?

We are considering applying for new enforcement powers to improve safety and reduce congestion on the roads. These powers will allow us to enforce moving traffic contraventions such as driving through a 'No Entry' sign, making banned turns, entering yellow box junctions when the exit is not clear, and driving where motor vehicles are prohibited, such as in pedestrianised town centres.

Currently, only the police can enforce these contraventions, but recent changes in legislation now allow local authorities outside of London to apply to do so. As part of the application process, we must demonstrate where and how the powers would be used if approved.

We are interested in these powers because we’ve had success in Nottinghamshire using cameras to enforce bus lanes, school zigzag markings, and bus stops. By ensuring that the restrictions are clearly marked, and the presence of cameras is indicated by information signs, this has led to considerable reductions in contraventions.

We have identified two initial sites for camera enforcement, and these are:

  • the junction of Radcliffe Road and Trent Boulevard in West Bridgford,
  • the ASDA access off the B6166 Portland Street in Newark.

Penalty Charge Notices for moving traffic contraventions are set nationally and are currently £70, with a 50% discount offered for payment within the first 14 days.

About the sites

The junction of Radcliffe Road and Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford


This junction carries tens of thousands of vehicles into and out of Nottingham each day. The junction is clearly marked with a box junction and additional warning signs. Despite this, our evidence shows that during peak hours, vehicles regularly queue within the junction marking, blocking access from other streets. This can quickly create congestion on all the roads leading to the junction.

In addition, evidence suggests that vehicles often turn left out of Trent Boulevard to head southeast along Radcliffe Road, despite the no left turn restrictions which is in place.

Vehicles must not turn left because when traffic exits Trent Boulevard into the junction, pedestrians are allowed to cross Radcliffe Road at the same time. Vehicles turning left create an immediate conflict with these crossing pedestrians.

Asda access off the B6166 Portland Street, Newark


The ASDA access on Portland Street, Newark is only intended for vehicles travelling east along Portland Street. The main access to the store is off Lombard Street. Despite the clear 'no right turn' prohibition, some westbound cars still attempt to turn right into the store each day. This often means that queues can form, blocking Albert Road and the junction on Lombard Street.

Frequently asked questions

We are considering applying for these powers because we recognise that despite clear signage, some restrictions on the road network are not being followed resulting in safety concerns and congestion. Evidence suggests that the use of ANPR cameras by local authorities can be very effective in improving compliance, which would in turn improve safety and reduce congestion.

We selected sites based on a measured and consistent approach to enforcement, focusing on locations where there is a demonstrable need. The two sites chosen for this consultation were selected because they are congested locations with a high level of contraventions. Improved enforcement using visible cameras could lead to better road safety and less congestion for thousands of road users each day.

If the two chosen sites show positive results, then further sites could be considered for enforcement in the future.

Penalty Charge Notices for moving traffic contraventions will be £70, with a 50% discount offered for payment within the first 14 days.

Any income will pay for the operational costs of the cameras and administration. If there is a surplus after these costs are met, we will use funds for highway improvement projects that align with strict government guidance.

We want to hear from the public about the proposed sites. If we are to apply for the powers, timescales will then depend on the Department for Transport to grant them. The earliest possible start date for enforcement would be late in 2023.

Have your say

To provide feedback on the potential enforcement of moving traffic contraventions at the identified locations, please complete the online questionnaire. Alternatively, you can complete the questionnaire and return it to: the Traffic Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council, County Hall, Loughborough Road, Nottingham NG2 7QP.

If you have any questions, please contact and include the reference 'Moving Traffic Enforcement.'

If you require the consultation material in an alternative format or language, please email or call the County Council.

Have your say

Next steps

All responses will be acknowledged and reported to the Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment before a decision is made on applying for the powers from the Department for Transport. If the application is successful and the powers are granted, we will announce the start date for enforcement and issue warning notices in compliance with the legislation.

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