Pre-driver training for 15 to 17-year-olds

We offer pre-driver training courses for young people between the ages of 15 and 17.

The one-day course will give trainees their first experience behind the wheel of a car in a safe, controlled environment with fully qualified driving instructors.

The day includes:

  • two hours in car training
  • live action demonstrations
  • advice on learning to drive
  • workshops.

Venues and dates

  • No dates available


The day's training costs £65 and is open to all 15 to 17 year olds living or in education In Nottinghamshire or out of county.

There are 20 places available in each training session.

If the trainee has any special requirements we would be happy to discuss these and if possible make special arrangements.

Trainees do not need a provisional driving licence as the training will take place away from the public highway.


This training is part of our ongoing programme of education for young people in a bid to cut road traffic casualties in the county.

According to research from the Department for Transport, youngsters form their driving attitudes long before they actually get behind the wheel of a car.

By the age of 17, when they can legally drive, they have often picked up bad habits from watching their parents or other people with whom they regularly travel as passengers.

On the day

Arriving at the venue

Important: Parents and carers will need to complete forms before leaving, so please don't just drop them off and go otherwise they may not be able to take part.

The Minster School, Southwell

Park in the small car park near the leisure centre, before the school gates entrance.  Follow the pavement through the gate into school grounds and walk straight past the main school entrance, then turn left into the small car park.  The door is in the far corner where Road Safety staff will sign you in.


Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day as well as a simple buffet lunch.


Trainees should wear comfortable clothing and bring a jacket for the demonstrations outdoors. Please do not wear heels. Trainees should remember to bring any glasses with them that they require for reading or driving, as these may be needed.

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