Road safety advice for motorcyclists

Investigation of accidents involving motorcycles and mopeds in Nottinghamshire has shown there are three main causes of accidents:

  • motorcycles losing control at a left or right hand bend - such as entering it too fast and not being able to handle the bike
  • other vehicles failing to see a motorcycle when making a right hand turn
  • motorcycles overtaking and filtering past turning vehicles.

Take a look at the advice on the THINK! motorcycling website to help minimise your risk of accident. The site also contains advice for drivers on how to avoid a crash with a motorcyclist.

Young riders

In the last few years in Nottinghamshire, collisions involving young riders have increased by a factor of four with many riders suffering abrasion injuries as serious as third degree burns.

If you are 16 to 19 years of age and ride a twist'n'go scooter or a 'ped' - then check out the Bare Bones website which provides advice on the right gear to wear and how to avoid crashes.

Sports bike riders

The Shiny Side Up Partnership started in mid-2001 in response to a significant increase in fatal crashes involving sports bike riders in Nottinghamshire. The aim of the Partnership is to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or injured on East Midlands' roads.

The campaign addresses the attitude and behaviour of the sports bike rider rather than promoting training. To find out more visit the Shiny Side Up website.

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