Child cycle training

Children between the age of 11 and 16 years account for over 25 percent of serious and fatal cycle injuries, but we can minimise the risks. Cycle training is a vital part of keeping children safe on our roads.

Taking part in the cycle training

We provide child cycle training for children aged nine and over, however we have recently trialled a scheme to provide level 1 training with year 3 and 4 children. It is normally carried out through schools across the county, is usually free of charge and carried out by our trained cycle instructors.

All pupils who take part in training must provide their own bike which should be appropriate for the activity. A suitable and correctly fitted cycle helmet should be worn when taking part in our training. Our cyclists road safety page has more information about cycle checks and helmets.

For further information about child cycle training you can call 0115 977 4373.

Course levels

Level 1

This is usually carried out with children who are in years 5 and 6, although we have recently started a programme with years 3 and 4. The course consists of 1 x 2 hour training session and the training is carried out off-road in a playground or similar area.

The course aims to:

  • improve the trainee's basic riding skills
  • show the trainee how to check that their bike is safe to ride
  • introduce the trainee to the Highway Code.

Level 2

This is usually carried out with children who are aged 10 years plus or with year 5 pupils following February half term and follows on from the Level 1 course. The course consists of three two-hour lessons. The training is carried out on-road and aims to provide the pupil with the skills and understanding to be able to undertake a trip to school or leisure on quiet roads.

Pupils will be instructed on the following areas:

  • how to stop and start safely
  • how to pass parked vehicles
  • the recommended methods of turning at junctions
  • developing hazard awareness and defensive riding skills
  • planning and riding simple routes
  • developing the pupil's knowledge of the Highway Code.

Level 2+

This two hour lesson is undertaken by pupils who have completed Levels 1 and 2. It is designed to improve road awareness and cycling skills to enable the trainee to make a journey independently to their school or local amenity. The course is primarily for year 6 pupils and anyone in a secondary school.

The course will include:

  • journey planning
  • ride to/from the chosen destination
  • development of riding skills to deal with local road features.

Find out more about child cycle training on the Bikeability website.

Cycling safety checks

Maintenance sessions

We run hands on maintenance sessions, which can be run as standalone sessions or prior to a cycle course at primary and secondary schools and young people's groups, such as scouts. For more information email

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