Integrated ticketing

Multi-operator integrated ticketing is an important aspect of realising the county council's vision for better public transport, making services more affordable and convenient for passengers as outline in the Integrated Ticketing Strategy and Delivery Plan.

The county council, in partnership with the bus, tram and rail operators, are currently developing a number of new integrated ticketing products, which ultimately have to be agreed between the operators. 

Robin Hood Card

The Robin Hood Card is the multi-operator integrated ticket for the Nottingham conurbation, led by the bus operators, in partnership with Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

  • Find out more about the Robin Hood Network, where the service operates and how you can purchase tickets


PLUSBUS is a bus ticket that you can purchase alongside your train ticket. This gives you unlimited bus and tram travel on the majority of services from the railway station and around the urban area of the rail-serviced town or city.

  • Find out more about PLUSBUS, and where tickets can be purchased

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