Bus Service Improvement Plans for Nottinghamshire

In March 2020, the Government published the National Bus Strategy, Bus Back Better. 

They asked each Council with Local Transport Authority Powers to publish a Bus Service Improvement plan by 31 October 2021 and implement an Enhanced Partnership Plan by 1 April 2022.

These plans are in essence our ambitious bid to the Government for National Bus Strategy monies and have been developed in partnership with local bus operators and other stakeholders, based on recent resident consultation feedback and previous Transport Focus surveys.

Members approved the development of the Bus Service Improvement Plan on 15 June 2021. View the National Bus Strategy and Transport update. Members approved the Bus Service Improvement Plans on 17 November 2021. View the National Bus Strategy and Transport update

The two plans

There are two different plans in Nottinghamshire, which are the:

  • Bus Improvement Plan for the Greater Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood) area
  • Bus Improvement Plan for Nottinghamshire. 

The plan for the Greater Nottingham (Robin Hood) area has been developed in partnership with Nottingham City Council and covers the Nottingham Conurbation, while the Bus Improvement Plan for Nottinghamshire covers the rest of the county outside of the Greater Nottinghamshire area.

View the plan for the Greater Nottingham (Robin Hood) area [PDF] 

 View the plan for Nottinghamshire [PDF]  

What's next?

An announcement from the government on the level of funding to be allocated for the delivery of the BSIPs is expected to be announced shortly.

Progress and performance towards targets will be reported in performance reports for both BSIPs. These will be published six-monthly and available to view from this page.

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