Trade parking dispensations

Nottinghamshire County Council has launched a virtual parking dispensation for trade vehicles required when contractors work on adjacent properties and need regular access to tools that cannot be stored on site.

The dispensation will allow eligible applicants to park in restricted areas with an exemption for the agreed duration. Each dispensation application is reviewed by the Central Processing Unit before reaching a decision.

For information on Nottinghamshire's parking restrictions as well as the boundaries of neighbouring authorities where the pass is not valid, please visit Nottingham Traffweb and click on 'Traffic Orders'. 

Who is eligible? 

The virtual dispensation is designed to help tradespeople who have to work next to a restricted parking location. The dispensation will grant an exemption for the vehicle that is required during the duration of the works. Applicants will be required to provide supporting detail on the work being undertaken.

How does it work?

The dispensation is ‘virtual’, which means there is no need to display anything in the vehicle. Instead, vehicle registrations will be logged using a secure digital system, marking them as exempt to the Enforcement Officers. The exemption will last for the approved timescale. If any longer is required, a dispensation may be renewed at the Council’s discretion.

If granted, a dispensation has an administration fee of £18 for one week duration and £28 for two weeks duration.

23 Oct 2023: For work on streets affected by the recent flooding there is no charge. Please put ‘FLOOD REPAIRS’ in the Application Notes field.

For further information on this please refer to the terms and conditions provided on the webpage.

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