Blue badge payment request

Your application for a Blue Badge has been successful. Before the badge can be issued, we require a payment of £10.

By submitting your payment, you agree that:

  • you have read and understand the rules for using a Blue Badge
  • the details provided are complete and accurate
  • you won't hold more than one Blue Badge at any time
  • you will tell Nottinghamshire County Council about any changes that may affect your eligibility

Payment can be made by:

Once payment is received, we will confirm your details with Valtech, the national supplier. You will be sent your Blue Badge, along with your clock, by 2nd class post. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

Please be advised that you will not automatically be eligible for a Blue Badge when your current one expires. You will be required to make a new application and undergo a further eligibility assessment at that time. We advise applications are made 12 weeks prior to the expiry of your current badge, to allow for processing time.

Your new badge will have a ‘valid from’ date, as well as an expiry date. Please do not use your new badge until it is valid.

If you are already a badge holder, once the badge has expired, we ask that you destroy it to prevent fraudulent use by others.  You do not need to return an expired badge to us.

Your badge should only be used when you, the Blue Badge holder, are travelling in a vehicle. If you have been issued with a badge because you have a severe disability in both arms, you should only display the badge when you are the driver of the vehicle. If your condition improves to such an extent that you no longer need to use the badge, please contact us so we can cancel the badge on our system.

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