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If you want to place a skip on a road or a street the company that supplies it should apply for a skip permit on your behalf. Skips on your own private land do not require a permit.

Permits are issued by Via East Midlands Ltd on our behalf.

This service is for

The hire company providing your skip will apply to Via for a permit if the skip is to be placed on the road rather than private land (such as a driveway).


Applications for permits are only accepted from the skip company – they are not accepted from members of the public.

The skip specifications [PDF] document provides information on:

  • maximum skip size
  • how skips should be lit at night
  • how skips should be positioned on the road.

You will need

  • contact details for your company (name, email address, telephone number)
  • the type and size of skip
  • the location (including house name/number and area).

First time application - standard conditions

If this is your first application, as well as completing the form you will need to return a signed and dated copy of Via's standard conditions [PDF].

These set out the requirements and legal obligations that you will have to fulfil in order to place a skip on the road.

The conditions need to be emailed to Via. (, along with any other documentation such as insurance certificates.

Once a signed copy of this has been received it is kept on file. You will not need to submit this document again for future applications. However, when the standard conditions are amended, a new copy must be signed, dated and emailed to Via. (

What will happen next

You will complete the form, giving Via the details of the skip and its location. You will also confirm your agreement of the standard conditions.

Once you have submitted the form, Via will check that the proposed location for the skip is acceptable.

The skip permit will then be sent to you by once it has been approved. This may include additional conditions if required.

You must keep a copy of this permit.


Via charge skip companies £40 for the consideration of an application to place a skip on the road.

This is a non-returnable charge per application made. 

Skip permits are granted for 7 days maximum. If the skip is required after this period, a new application will be required. 

If a permit is requested for more than 6 months, we may ask for further details of what the skip is being used for and in some cases, we will require a programme of works. If you are unable to provide this, we will decline your application and the skip will need to be placed off Highway.

If a skip is placed on the road without a valid permit there will be a charge of £40 for a retrospective Permit and we will require either the skip to be removed or you will be required to apply for a new Permit (Permit fee applicable).

You will be invoiced retrospectively each month for any Permits you have applied for.

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