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Owthorpe Road/Woulds Field Alleyway, Cotgrave

The Rushcliffe Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership requested a Gating Order to combat problems on the above alleyway in Cotgrave. Many other initiatives were previously tried (eg. additional patrols, youth schemes, incident recording techniques, etc.), but unfortunately these were not wholly successful.

Gating Orders are now possible because of new regulations which allow the Council to barrier-off highways (including particular alleyways) for crime reduction reasons. It was, therefore, proposed to barrier-off those alleyways referred to in the formal notice (available below).


Objections against the Gating Order were considered and a decision was made on 13 November 2008 to proceed with implementing the Gating Order as proposed. The Order was sealed and made on 11 March 2009 to take effect from 4 May 2009.

It should be noted that whilst the majority of crimes occur in the evening, some do occur at other times. For this reason along with operational reasons it has not been possible to accommodate a part time closure. The closure is therefore for 24 hours - seven days a week. However, those eligible who require access will be able to arrange this by contacting Cotgrave Town Council. Individual residents will not be issued keys.

It is regretted that some genuine users of this alleyway may be inconvenienced somewhat, however it is considered that the benefits to crime and disorder reduction will outweigh this disbenefit. In this respect the effect of the closures will be monitored and reviewed after 12 months.