Adopted Minerals Local Plan

The Minerals Local Plan was adopted on 5 December 2005 following several periods of public consultation and a public inquiry. The plan period ran to 2014 and it replaced the previous plan adopted in 1997. The plan is currently in the process of being replaced by the new Minerals Local Plan.

Policies in the Minerals Local Plan could only be saved beyond 4 December 2008 if directed by the Secretary of State. Following a submission by the County Council, the Secretary of State directed that all Minerals Local Plan policies be saved until replaced by new adopted policies, with the following 7 exceptions:

  • M3.2 Planning Obligations 
  • M3.21 Protected Species 
  • M6.5 Hoveringham (Bleasby) allocation 
  • M6.9 Lound Allocation 
  • M6.10 Misson (Finningley) allocation
  • M7.4 Scrooby Top Allocation 
  • M11.1 Kirton allocation 


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