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Here you can find the latest updates on the work Nottinghamshire County Council and our partners are currently undertaking with regards to Flood Risk Management.


In response to some additional flooding taking place in Hucknall we do believe some debris had entered the system previously which contributed to the original flooding occurrence.  A full inspection was conducted and the system was also drained but no significant debris was subsequently found, as such we believe any blockage moved on appropriately.

We have increased the internal weir height with temporary measures which has not resulted in any issues arising since.  We have a regime of regular inspections taking place and at times of heavy rain, one of the Highway Inspectors has been visiting site, checking the system and liaising with relevant colleagues.  We are currently working on a permanent ‘boarding’ system to increase the weir height and investigating a trigger alarm system to flag rising water in the future to give time to take interventions should these be required.  To date however we have not seen any issues with the FRC operation.


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