Consultations and surveys privacy notice

Last Updated: October 2020

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This privacy notice explains how the Council uses your data to conduct consultations and surveys. We seek your views when we are considering or proposing changes to
the way provide and fund services, including setting our annual budget.

What personal data do we use?

Each consultation and survey will differ as to the personal data used. We will always keep the collection of personal data to the minimum necessary to achieve the consultation’s objectives. Your responses will be treated in confidence.

  • Postcodes or part of a postcode
  • Your feedback on the consultation
  • Equalities data – age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability or if you are a carer
  • Contact details, such as address or email address to contact you and in case if you would like us to contact you for future or further research

You do not need to give use any equalities information if you do not want to. Any information you do give will be used to see if there are any differences in views for different groups of people.

Who will be using your data?

Nottinghamshire County Council will process your data and we may also contract third parties to process your data on our behalf.

How do we collect personal data?

We may collect your personal information as follows:

  • Electronically through an online survey form
  • Paper survey form
  • Electronically if you contact us from an email address
  • Face to face interview with an interviewer using a paper or electronic survey
  • Telephone or video conference interview with an interviewer using a paper or electronic survey
  • Focus groups (where you agree to participate)
  • Written response which you send us

Why do we collect and use your data?

We engage communities and other stakeholders to help us to develop plans and services and to help us make informed decisions.

What legal reasons allow us to use your data in this way?

Our legal basis for processing your personal data is that it is necessary to perform our public tasks as a local authority.

Our legal bases for processing your special category personal data is that it is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest.

What will happen if you do not provide or we cannot obtain the data needed?

We will not be able to take into account your views and feedback when considering service design, budget allocation and other important matters.

Who may we share your data with or receive it from?

We may share your personal data and feedback with those listed below who may need to help us respond to your feedback. In some cases that may include your name and contact details.

We may share your personal data with:

  • services within the Council who are responsible for carrying out analysis of
    consultation responses
  • with law enforcement or other authorities if required by law
  • with third party organisations (such as external consultants) where they have been contracted by the Council to undertake consultation exercises on our
    behalf. Such contracts will contain data protection clauses to ensure that your data will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

We may use business contact information we have obtained from third party providers to enable us to contact the Nottinghamshire businesses community to inform them and seek their feedback to consultation exercises.

When we gather feedback from consultations and surveys, we typically analyse the results and publish a report of findings in an anonymised format. Any exceptions to this will be set out in the consultation or survey information so that respondents will be aware of the approach being taken for specific consultations or surveys.

Does the service make decisions using fully automated processes?


May personal data be transferred overseas?

The Council may for operational purposes transfer personal data overseas. In these cases, we will ensure that your personal data is protected and there are safeguards for the protection of your rights. Please refer to the County Council’s privacy statement for further details.

How long is your data kept for?

This information is held in accordance with the Council’s retention schedule. Please refer to the County Council's retention schedule for further details.

What rights do you have over this use of your data?

  • To be informed about how we use your data
  • To access a copy of your data that we process
  • To have us rectify or correct your data that we process
  • To restrict our processing of your personal data
  • To object to the use of your data
  • To have your personal data erased
  • To request that we transfer your information to you or another organisation
  • To object to fully automated decision making
  • To withdraw your consent (if it the legal reason why we use your data).

Some of these rights are subject to exceptions. Please refer to the County Council’s privacy statement part 10 for further details.

Contact the Data Protection Officer

If you have any concerns about how the Council is using your data, you can contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer by writing to:

Data Protection Officer
Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall
West Bridgford
Or email:

For further information, please see the County Council’s privacy statement

Contact details of the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you are unhappy with how your data has been processed by the Council or you feel your data protection rights have been breached, you have the right to complain to the Information
Commissioner’s Office at

Wycliffe House
Water Ln
or via

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